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One of our partners’ comment: “I really think your furniture production from the factory in Vietnam is fantastic. Especially in this time, keep doing what your doing. You guys really have a flair for furniture”.

This is JAXX

Our new pine range JAXX is out now.

OAK ranges

6 new 2022 OAK furniture collections from Vietnam. Full ranges including sideboards, coffee tables, entertainment units, TV cabinet, dining tables, end tables, dressers, desks and many more…

The Sun bedroom

New bedroom range. Still on time for your Christmas promotion stock!

Furniture fashion

We are inside saigon, the most inspired designers and furniture producers inside saigons’ furniture industry. Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in our furniture, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening.

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We make the most of wood

Discover us inside saigon

The inside saigon group is proud to operate as furniture developer, furniture producer, furniture manufacturer and furniture exporter since the Vietnamese furniture industry started to expand rapidly around 2010. The star in the logo stands for daily 5 star furniture quality from Vietnam.

We are proud to produce and supply quality furniture every day for affordable prices in our factory in Binh Duong province, Ho Chi Minh City.

The results and benefits for you as a wholesaler / importer are stunning. The collections are now open for your market. Besides our furniture productions that are ready for you to serve to your customers, we can supply OMD for any market. We are inside saigon, to show you our collections at the factory any time you visit Vietnam.

You are on our info website now. If you want to take a look at our furniture ranges, please click here.

Mission and vision

The inside saigon group creates and produces wooden furniture with a high performance-price ratio. We export world wide.

Our history

From the big unknown in the year 1999, until the most commercial ranges in 2021. That is more than 20 years experience. 

Wanna be inspired?

Do a factory visit and check out production and new developments. Your samples can be made for your visit. Wood is the buzz.

Our competitors

We don’t mind competition, we just don’t like competitors that love the wood as much as we do… BEWARE OF COPIES !

Let me tell you

About Us

The inside saigon group dreams about furniture, creates furniture every day and we produce furniture that gets attention and is meaningful. We are your furniture supplier in Vietnam. Wood you like to see more from inside? Plan an appointment today:

Furniture vision and R&D

Raising the bar for glorious furniture creations. From the idea, to the 2D, to the 3D, to the autoCad, to the QC on the sample. The inside saigon group has all knowledge under 1 roof.

The factory

New developments, from the sample making to the final production. The European standards are set, it’s your time to benefit from the inside saigon group experiences.

QC standards

There are many furniture factories in Vietnam. Our standards are your standards. We still have the personal twist and we are interested in you and even more in what your customer wants.


our showroom

At the showroom, in front of the furniture factory, we always find ways to inspire you. All our new ranges are there for wholesalers, retailgroups and hospitality indoor companies.

Are you a wholesaler or importer or the buyer of a buying group and you do want to exhibit or show your customer our showroom? It can be all yours!

Just let us know and we will take care for the catering.

6 new look books

oak collections


Be original and your home will speak for itself. That is what we always keep in mind when designing a new furniture collection.

For our Stan, Raquel and Annie oak ranges, our designers were inspired by the sixties and seventies, but also influenced by the Scandinavian look and feel. 3 cosy affordable chique oak furniture collections with some great accents. The Pebble Marble gives the OAK collections the finishing touch. But all cabinets can be made with OAK tops as well. Click on the button below to receive more look books. 

Stan oak
Annie oak
Raquel oak
we wood like to keep you up to date

NEWs facts

The inside saigon group produces furniture which is made from acacia wood and oak wood. All is made in Vietnam. On our furniture pages you can find all categories and furniture ranges orderly displayed. After we’ve send you the password for our furniture pages you can easily browse and access our inside saigon online catalogues and ordering system.

Our loadability calculator makes the calculation on order volumes more handy for you. You can check the loadability of your Proforma Orders per container on any product page at the right side of your screen. Check it on tablets, on your phone, it’s accessible anywhere.

extreme growth in Vietnam’s

furniture export industry

Vietnam has been identified as the biggest beneficiary of the US-China trade war, gaining around 7.9% of its gross domestic product directly from new business created by the conflict. In particular, Vietnam’s furniture industry has profited from greater access to the US market. How can Vietnamese furniture manufacturers take advantage of these opportunities?

While Vietnam has a long and distinguished history of producing furniture products for the domestic market, it has only had a single recognizable furniture industry for the last 20 years. Today, Vietnam’s furniture industry is one of the most dynamic operating in the world. It is currently the second largest exporter of furniture in the Asia-Pacific region, and fifth in the world, behind China, Germany, Italy, and Poland. In 2017, furniture exports were valued at around USD 7.66 billion, increasing to USD 8.66 billion in 2018.

Changes in global trade relations are all expected to have a positive effect on Vietnam’s furniture manufacturers. The EU-Vietnam free trade agreement, the Comprehensive Progressive Tran-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP), and the current trade war between the US and China, are all having a positive impact on Vietnam’s furniture production market.

A beneficiary of the US-Chinese tariff war, Vietnamese products currently enjoying zero tax, while Chinese manufacturers (the largest operator in the market) must contend with a 10-29,5% tariff. This may even rise if the trade war escalates.

From humble beginnings 20 years ago, Vietnam’s furniture sectors is now the fifth largest in the world. If growth continues in the way that is envisioned, it is predicted that, within the next eight years, Vietnam will be the second largest producer of interior furniture in the world.



THE CHEVRON COLLECTION. Add some velvets and the right bling bling accessoiries and your 2021 range is ready to be a money maker ! The metal of this range is powder coated. 1 year warranty on non-corrosion and not-rusting. The drawers are produced with strong ball-bearing sliders and the doors are made with soft close hinges. Still available for many countries. 

ETERNAL OAK WITH METAL OUT NOW ! A new and exciting metal and oak wood range with 15 items to choose from. The eternal oak can be made in 3 colors and the metal comes in 6 different colors. The metal of this range is powder coated. 1 year warranty on non-corrosion and not-rusting.

Additional LED lights can be applied in this amazing range. OUT NOW FOR 2021 !

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Check all our collections on the furniture pages.

Orderly displayed, ready to order and ready to be your 2021 cashcow.

If you wood like a private label collection to be produced for Europe or the USA furniture market, we will translate your ideas from scratch into a 2D and a 3D. A proven road to success!

We understand that good documented articles are very important for your website and other sales purposes. One of the standards at the inside saigon group is to provide you professional pictures that you can use straight away. The pictures are free of charge.
What our customers say about us


Hi guys, thanks a lot for the samples in the 40HC. We loved it. I will let you know next week after the sales region managers presentation what ranges of your group will hit the collectionbook for the coming 6 months. Thanks again and showroom looked stunning as always !

Jennifer Van Gool


Bonjour mes amis ! We had a good start with the white brushed acacia lines. Can you make an extra large 250 cm TV sideboard to this line? Our shops in the south of France are asking for it. Please send the drawing this week and the sample in 2 weeks, like last time. Merci beaucoup.
Jacques Durand

CEO, A Maison buying group France

Dear all @inside saigon, how ya goin? We sold our 10th container, reason for a small celebration. We get great responses every day and we are waiting for the sale period to promote your case goods. We loved the Chevron concept at the factory. The metal looked great.

Daniel Ashley


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