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quality control

New developments, from the sample making till the final production. The standards are set, it’s your time to benefit now.

we employ only

the best qc’s

The inside saigon group mainly produces wooden furniture made from acacia, pine and oak wood. Our standards are your standards. Is that what you wood like?

QC standards

There are many furniture factories in Vietnam. Our standards are your standards. We still have the personal twist and we are interested in you and even more in what your customer wants.

every day’s business

A glance at our daily business. Checking, checking, checking.

from tree to box

The important last step when packing is monitored closely.

quality inspection

inside saigon employs experienced and well-trained Quality Controllers. They are confidently up to European, Australian and American standards.


Teaching and making the workers understand the standards is 80% of our QC job. We are on the factory floor from beginning till the end, from A-Z

piece by piece

Every item is checked piece by piece. No random box openings. We check all before packing.

humidity inspection

We carefully check on the wood humidity and white parts before fully assembling or knock-downing the products according to AQL 2.5 standard.

inside saigon packing procedures and boxing

1. Wrap the whole product with Styrofoam 10-12mm 2. Cover the edges and all sides of the product surface with hard-styrofoam 15-18mm 3. Then cover the product with PE 2mm

inside saigon packing procedures and boxing

4. Put the product into a 5-layer carton box 175 lbs standard with a pallet at the bottom before closing the box

care instructions 

The inside saigon group can put standard Care instructions or your own Customer Care instructions into each box. Our standard Care instruction language is according to the country of origin.

box designs of your shipping marks

The box-printing with your shipping marks can be designed by us.


As we understand your delivery guys and after sales department at home, we can add vilt to protect the feet. We can put the hardware in standard packing or in your special packing. If you wood like to add a maintenance kit, we are happy to take care of it for you.


inside saigon products are originally made of acacia, pine and oak timber from the official plantations. We can supply FSC compliant furniture and apply to all EU standards on EUTR wood import regulations or FLEGT.

inside saigon makes complex supply chains more understandable. Certification provides better traceability, simplifying what is asked of your suppliers by using agreed standards and generating better relations with producers. We support a sustainable supply chain for the whole furniture industry. Certification or apply to EUTR standards can strengthen your reputation and ensure a sustainable future for the whole furniture sector. Meet consumer expectations.

By communicating compliance with sustainability standards, your company can increase consumer awareness of sustainable sourcing and create market differentiation for your furniture ranges.