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We are the furniture manufacturer in Vietnam that creates the idea in 3D, the AutoCad, the sample and the final production. Made from acacia, reclaimed pine or oak, your market will love our ranges.

the creative R&D office and backoffice

Creativity is just connection things

Our creative designers are constantly looking for new ways to translate market trends into a piece of furniture that is suitable to produce inside saigon. As we spend a lot of time at hardware suppliers and paint factories, we are way ahead in the developing process. In that way we are connecting hardware, paint and our wooden pieces together. That is why we always have new items running and new lines that are coming up every month.

Private label

If you wood like a private label / OMD collection to be produced, we will translate your ideas from scratch into a 2D. Then we will show you.

After approval on the 2D we change it into a 3D wich comes 99% to the real thing. As a wholesaler or importer, you can start selling the product right away, in that stage of the development. Hand over the 3D to your agents, and they wood love it!

Finally we make samples. After approval we start your production.

Our back office

The standards are set high. The workflow is based on experiences from the last 22 years inside saigon. Also we understand the importance of delivering in time, for the right price, in the best quality. As Frank has always had close connections to retail businesses, the importance of an outstanding workflow is more than clear to us.