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OUR Furniture

Misson and vision

“We create everyday wooden furniture inside saigon with a high performance-price ratio, suitable for a large group of end users”.

The inside saigon group is inside saigon for importers, buying groups and wholesalers around the globe that want their furniture produced in Vietnam. We combine our knowlede with the best designs and apply a western way of thinking on the furniture production and manufacturing in Vietnam. We apply your Western standards at the factories.



Due to the knowledge on the Vietnamese way of furniture production the inside saigon group is able to match the best designs with the best way of producing in our factory.


Best designs

The creative office of the inside saigon group is based at the factory in Vietnam. The Vietnamese / European design team is on top of market trends.

Your customer in mind

Last but not least, we target on a large group of consumers. We always have your customer in mind.