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picture service

One of our many standards. Unknown in the Vietnamese furniture industry.

a free service

your picture team

We understand that good documented articles are very important for your website and other sales purposes. One of the standards at inside saigon is to provide you professional pictures that you can use straight away. The pictures are free of charge.

Hi Res or Low res

Just tell us what you need, any picture size and we will provide it for you.

making sets

If you have purchased your chairs from China or if you have decorative items or sofa’s from another supplier in Vietnam, feel free to ship it to us and we will combine all into one great picture.

after hard work

the results

4 pictures on each and every item in your container. Front, 2 sides and a close up.

Side 1

The item must show what it can do. Let us know what you wood like and we take the pictures for you.

Side 2

Besides the full front as shown on the pig picture above, you will receive a side front picture.

Close up

As we try to make extra’s as LED light, soft close drawers and doors and as we are developping colors every week, we will send a good close up.