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Do you think, eat, sleep and dream Vietnamese furniture export ?

Let me tell you

About Us

The inside saigon group dreams about furniture, creates furniture every day and we produce furniture that gets attention and is meaningful. We are your furniture supplier in Vietnam. Wood you like to see more from inside? Plan an appointment today: info@insidesaigon.com

Furniture vision and R&D

Raising the bar for glorious furniture creations. From the idea, to the 2D, to the 3D, to the autoCad, to the QC on the sample. The inside saigon group has all knowledge under 1 roof.

The factory

New developments, from the sample making to the final production. The European standards are set, it’s your time to benefit from the inside saigon group experiences.

QC standards

There are many furniture factories in Vietnam. Our standards are your standards. We still have the personal twist and we are interested in you and even more in what your customer wants.