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Your standards are our standards

Your standard is the most normal thing in the world to us

inside saigon believes in developing tight relations between our customers, colleagues and close business  partners. These relations must be based on a positive, proactive attitude and the relations must be  founded upon honesty, willingness to cooperate and common goals of growth.

Mail’s and issues addressed to inside saigon must be answered asap according to the issue and latest within 24 hours.

Product development
Product developing is the process from product idea to mass production. This is a very important process for inside saigon, because we receive orders from our customers based on this process.
inside saigon operates with a lot of different standard documents and general requirements which will help us to avoid construction- and quality problems.

PSP – Product Specification Paper
For new products we will normally provide a simple information bulletin or PSP to you in order for you to reply on our prices and offer sheets. We have 3 different product specification papers:

• Simple information:
We will normally hand over this document to our partner in the beginning of
the process for a new product. This product specification paper allows us to give our partners proactive solutions for product improvement suitable for your markets. This in order to adapt the product in the best way for our production with the result of achieving the best price.
• PSP light:
PSP light is a PSP with 2d drawings. We either make this by ourselves or we ask our partner the PSP light before first mass production. We are happy to assist and take away the headaches for you.
• PSP:
PSP is the complete product documentation. We make this by ourselves before first mass production for all items in solid wood, MDF and other complicated items.

Offer Sheets
All final quotations of inside saigon are made on clear offer sheets.

Packing Requirements
inside saigon is always responsible for packing the items in the best way according to our general requirements and what have been agreed with our partners. All items must be suitable for international transport and warehouse storage. Packing method and materials cannot be changed without written confirmation from the customer. We normally use strong 175lbs carton boxes, styrofoam and plastic wrap. Inside the box is a MDF pallet if the product requires that, for example a sideboard with metal legs. 

All samples ordered from inside saigon will be produced and delivered for the normal price of the product as we offer you in mass production, as we consider this to be our investment in obtaining orders. We do not charge you extra sample fee.
Samples sent to our partners are packed very carefully with extra protection, so it will not be damaged during transport.
We have 5 different samples within the product developing (Material Sample, Production Sample, Master Sample, Sales Samples and Color Sample). After we have finished the sample our QC manager will inspect the sample and make a Sample Report (SR) with comments for any needed rework or/and future improvements. If the sample has defects, the sample must be re-worked or a new sample must be produced.

Assembly instructions
The assembly instruction is very important for inside saigon in order to get a satisfied customer, but also to avoid claims because of wrong and/or difficult assembling. Assembly instruction is always packed  together with the fitting bag and always in carton number 1.

Box printing
The box-printing with your shipping marks can be designed by us. That means box printing according to your specifications. Carton prints such as arrows how to place box, fragile etc. is also a standard in our general box label procedure.

When inside saigon receives an order from our partners, the delivery time will be according to agreed lead time which is stated on the order, see part “Lead-time and ETD”. The customer can also give us the instruction to give the best delivery date. We aim to deliver the exact quantity as stated in the order. If divinations should appear then it must be confirmed by both sides. Normally we revise equally, which means that if more/less space we increase/reduce equally in the various models in order to make the container complete.

Spare Parts
Spare parts will be agreed individually on each order. Every container has an added spare part box.
Spare parts cartons are clearly marked with P/O number and name of the parts inside for easy identification when arriving.

Optimal loading according to our high standards is very important. Therefore all products must be packed carefully according to our requirements in order to avoid transport damages. Containers must not be stuffed in a way so items will be damaged. We check that no cartons are damaged when loading.

Load ability
Empty space in container is not allowed. In case of empty space will contact the customer for what to add.

As we do business with Australia, Europe and other continents, we will follow your instructions on fumigation.

Condition of the container
It is always our responsibility to check the container for any leaks and damages on the sides, wall and floor that might damage the goods or the packing. The container must be odorless, clean and dry before use.

Moisture Absorbent Material
In order to prevent cargoes to suffer moisture-/condensation damage we will add dry bags in the container.

Securing the goods
We always make sure that the products are secured in the container so items are not slipping around in container. Items may never expose any people for danger when opening the doors to the container.

Shipping Documents
After shipping the container we send you a copy of the original documents immediately upon receipt of the documents (latest 7 days after ETD). We can arrange a Sea Waybill or Telex Release for container shipments.
For Telex Release we need a mail from you with Telex Release within max 7 days after payment.
If shipment of original document have been agreed by our partners we send them within max 7 days after payment. Original documents will be shipped by courier on our account.
• Original invoice
• Packing list
• B/L

Payment terms are 7 days after ETD because the average transit time is 25 days. We prefer payments by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) which is the easiest way for all parties.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
We will handle according to your demands on FSC, Flegt or EUTR regulations.